Cabinet Refacing For a Fresh New Look

Most everyone will face a major renovation of their home at some time in their life and many of these renovations will involve the kitchen or bath. When tackling a kitchen or bath renovation one of the first things you must address is the cabinetry. Should you tear the cabinets completely out and replace them or is there some other solution. If you will be operating on an unlimited budget, than by all means, go the custom cabinet route and get the cabinetry of your dreams. However, if you are like most of us, this is a great place to save money on your renovation by considering the simple but effective process of cabinet refacing to give you a fresh new look. Cabinet Refacing Colorado Springs

Look at the condition of your existing cabinets. Are the boxes of solid wood materials, and if so, are they still in serviceable condition? Examine all the joints and determine if repairs are necessary and can be accomplished. If you find you are able to utilize your existing cabinets, you can now begin your easy cabinet refacing project and save thousands of dollars over the cost of cabinet replacement. When done properly, once completed, no friend or family member will be able to tell that you did not purchase and install brand new cabinetry.

With the many different options available in cabinet door styles and finishes, the most difficult part of this project will be deciding on which of these options you desire. The cabinet refacing process is simple enough that any homeowner that has average do it yourself skills can easily accomplish this process in one weekend once the cabinet doors have been ordered and delivered. However, if you choose to hire a professional to reface your cabinets, the cost is still very affordable and will still save you thousands of dollars.

The only other major consideration in this project is how to address the drawer fronts. If you are going with painted cabinets and doors, the supplier of your cabinet doors will be able to provide you with the paint that will match your new doors perfectly. If you are going with a stained finish that is different from your present finish, you might be better served to also order drawer front replacements along with the cabinet doors. Even with the replacement of the drawer fronts, the cabinet refacing process will still result in a substantial cost saving.

Many others like you have taken on the challenge of renovating their kitchens and baths and I bet if you ask around amongst friends you will find a close acquaintance that has gone the route of cabinet refacing rather than replacing their existing cabinets. Take your time and do some online research before you venture out to the home improvement store or local cabinet shop. Select the styles and finishes you would like to take a closer look at and then consider at least three estimates from reputable dealers in these projects. Also, do not forget to select new hardware to include cabinet pulls or knobs, drawer pulls or knobs, and, of course, new self closing hinges. By considering all the factors discussed above, I am sure you will be overjoyed with the fresh new look of your refaced cabinetry.

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