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There are always a large number of people talking about body detox, they may not be actually doing a full body detox but they seem to enjoy discussing it. Well let us take this a step further and get people to do a full detox cleanse.

There have been numerous ways over the years, saying to do this method or that method, there has been sugar detox, liver detox, colon cleanse detox, the master cleanse method, body detox foot pads, water detox, green tea detox and many, many others.

A body detox will undoubtedly have a massive effect on your body and make you feel as though you have abundant energy and will reduce your stress. Body detox detoxification is ideally carried out on a regular basis about every 6 months, and the period you need for carrying out the detox is usually around ten to twelve days.

A correct full detox will involve a big change in your eating and drinking habits, you should only eat organic fruit and vegetables and only drink pure water. No animal products at all (including milk and eggs) and no alcohol or drugs. Your food should be eaten raw if possible and absolutely no fried food. No sweets or candy or sugared drinks. germitox administrare

Knowing this is all very well but carrying it out on your own is not easy. You need a detailed plan or program which will give you detailed instructions on a daily basis.

The sort of body detox you should not do is one which says: “all you need to do is to take these pills and in 10 days you will have lost 30 pounds” it is rubbish and will never work, so do not be fooled by these sort of offers.

The best thing you can do is to find a detailed body detox program and stick to the plan absolutely, be really disciplined and it will pay off. You will be delighted with how you feel and look and you will definitely lose fat and weight (unless you are a skinny person already)

Finding a program which is good is not as easy, there are some good ones online but also some poor ones, go to a comparison site and check out what they show as the best buys for body detox, read on down the page to find out more on this.


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